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Grow your internet marketing business fast – by letting people steal from you

I was really obsessed with people stealing my content online.

In fact, after all the time, money, and effort I put into my site and products, I would get so mad at the thought of someone ripping my stuff off.

Until I spoke with a marketing genius named Jay Conrad Levinson — who actually figured out a way to make money off people who would steal his stuff.

Now, if you don’t know who Jay Conrad Levinson is, let’s just say he’s one of the most prolific and brilliant marketers in the entire world – with the testimonials to prove it. He’s the man who started all the “guerrilla” books you see in all the bookstores like “Guerilla Marketing”, “Guerilla Publicity” etc.

And when I asked him what he does when people steal his ideas or content, he told me this:

“I don’t spend time in court. I never sue anyone. I encourage whoever wants to imitate me, and in doing so, I’ve developed my brand of guerrilla marketing so much that it’s in 39 languages, which means, Michael, I don’t understand 38 editions of my book.”

In fact, Jay sometimes calls people who rip him off and compliments them on their taste in choosing guerrilla marketing.

And not only that, but he also offers them discounts on books or membership in his association.

I don’t know about you, but this really changed my stance on theft of my intellectual property rights.

Which is something to think about the next time you think you are being ripped off by someone and you can’t do anything to stop it.

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