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How to identify the toxic grinch and how they steal your enjoyment of work

We’ve all noticed the person dampening enthusiasm or spoiling our enjoyment of work. These folk, while few in number, undermine workplace culture and are anathema to HR professionals due to the distractions they generate and the work they create.

LinkedIn, HR sites, trade magazines, and job boards deal differently with the impact toxic co-workers have, how to avoid them, and when you have no choice, how to deal with them. It’s all well and good but somehow they just kept popping up and are generally a pretty snug fit in the workplace. So, how do you get to know them? What features do they have? Are you sure you have one? Try the test below, apply the scales and then there will be no doubt if there is a Grinch in your midst.

Choose someone you know well in your workplace and who might be qualified and check their level of toxicity.


0 – I never discovered this
I’ve noticed a hint of this but it’s pretty much the exception
2 I notice this fairly frequently
3 I notice this all the time

1 fails to listen and in fact does not want to hear

2 pressure and harassment of others in general

3 Unacceptable, distant, aloof, suspicious and moody

4 Shows aggression when questioned, challenged, or threatened

5 Reacts and shows hostility for the least reasons

6 He lacks emotional intelligence

7 is inconsistent, unpredictable, erratic, and lacks focus

8 He plays games with people and enjoys intrigue

9- Bullies are intimidating, threatening, undermining, mocking, and mean-spirited.

10 obscures and distorts information

11 He surrounds others and feeds on their mistakes. He tells anecdotes, rumors, and fabrications to upper management

12 heads people, engages in constant criticism and personalizes issues

13 He lies, conceals, and does not trust

14 He’s often sarcastic, insulting, condescending, and/or condescending

15 Treats others with contempt, disrespect, and rudeness

16 Manage their own agendas and promote themselves

17 disperses, humiliates, insults, spreads rumors, undermines (often the boss), and designs discord

18 is a pusher and self-serving

19 They act on the belief that they are always right

20 Creates and maintains tension in the workplace and enjoys the truth

total point:

Results difference:

0-10 You enjoy a mate who is free of toxic behaviors
11 – 20 You have a toxic mate sometimes
21 – 30 You have a colleague who is often toxic
31-40 You have an established and seasoned toxic colleague
41+ You have a serial, chronically toxic fellow who wreaks havoc

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