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Wet fly fishing for trout

The Walker’s Myfly Nymph is a weighty fly that mimics a fledgling mayfly before crawling out of the water and flying away. So it is not dry and sinks. They are tossed upstream in front of a fish and ‘tweaked’ or gently retrieved often with great success – perfect on a chalky stream when the … Read more

Newport – Pembrokeshire, on the River Nevern

Newport is a coastal city in Wales, in the county of Pembrokeshire. It is a bustling and attractive town situated quietly between Fishguard and Cardigan. The town itself sits on the slopes of Carne Inglis or Mount of Angels in the Welsh language, and two of its claims to fame are the Norman castle and … Read more

Dark symbols

Dark symbols

There is a tendency in the church today towards adopting the style and dress of the world. For example, it is not uncommon to see tattooed and pierced people in the pew on a Sunday. Most often these are not new Christians who have recently been delivered from the kingdom of darkness, but second and … Read more

Art, Sex and Domination in Middlemarch and ‘My Last Duchess’

Art, Sex and Domination in Middlemarch and 'My Last Duchess'

George Eliot Middlemarch and Robert Browning’s “The Last Duchess” are two Victorian works that delve into the world of bad relationships. (In case you were wondering why they are both so long.) Interestingly, both pieces of literature also draw heavily on descriptions of paintings and sculptures to explore a skewed dynamic between males and females. … Read more

Ways to treat chafing on the penis

Ways to treat chafing on the penis

He doesn’t realize that is happening. It starts off innocent enough. There may have been a sale of new laundry detergent. She could have looked like a supermodel in skinny jeans for a hipster concert last night. Maybe it was a honeymoon. No matter the cause, penis chafing can be a red, hot, irritating mess … Read more