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Business Development Officer

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Business Development Officer

Worker Description

We want a Business Development officer to assist us grow and profit.
firm Development officers find new markets, develop new tactics, and find untapped chances to grow our firm.
An experienced, successful candidate who is driven by business growth in a competitive industry is desirable.

Develop commercial ties with health, wellness, and fitness companies.
Increase Pad-Up Creations LTD’s brand and sales using unique strategies.
Based on client needs and industry trends, research new products and services.
Develop and implement effective marketing strategy with the marketing team.
Track strategy success with performance measures.
Attend industry conventions to find new opportunities.
Help complete RFPs and other business paperwork.
There are others.

Bachelor’s in business, marketing, or comparable profession.
Business development or related experience of at least 2 years.
This job requires great communication and networking skills.
Experience finding new markets and forming profitable collaborations.
Expertise in market data analysis and action.
Ability to meet tight deadlines under pressure.
Excellent time management and multitasking

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