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Color Matcher

?Brief job summary

With the Business Manager or Business Director, the Sales Manager creates a market sales plan and strategy to meet corporate sales, goals, and profitability.
The Sales Manager oversees firm sales in certain regions.
Work duties

Standardise production color-matching.
Before each press run, check print quality with press operators and pause run to fix process issues.
Keep protocols in mind.
Returning label ink to ink room with new drawdowns and pail weight.
If possible, minimise downtime. Limit 4 colour hits or one hour per job.
Count ink on production order.
Color-match booth lamp diffusers should always be clean and organised.
Must weekly clean drawdown rods with Ceram Clean II.
At least on Fridays during paint wash up, retains must be filed during downtime.
Required Work

Painting, Chemicals, or Mechanical Engineering BSc/HND
Well-versed in B2B and B2C marketing and leading 4-5 employees.
Minimum 5 years mixing auto refinish paints and providing technical service to body shops/furniture industries.
Knowledgeable in Auto Refinish coatings, specs, and use.

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