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Content Strategist / Storyteller

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Content Strategist / Storyteller

Outline Function

Your role as Content Strategist / Storyteller is to create and implement a content strategy that tells our brand story, engages our audience, and supports our marketing.
With a consistent brand voice and messaging, you will develop articles, blog posts, videos, social media material, and more.
Role and Duties

Create a content plan that matches our brand’s voice, mission, and goals.
Identify audience-relevant topics, themes, and content types.
Communicate our brand’s value proposition, mission, and influence through engaging narratives.
Tell compelling tales to educators, students, and stakeholders.
Edit and write high-quality blog entries, articles, website copy, social media posts, and more.
Design and develop interesting content alongside designers, videographers, and other team members.
Creating valuable e-books, whitepapers, webinars, and tutorials for our target audience.
Enhance instructional content’s believability.
Building community through social media content planning and creation.
Think about and talk to the audience.
SEO improves discoverability and organic traffic.
Monitor content performance with analytics and change strategy.
Ensure content matches brand message and product launches by working with marketing, design, and product teams.
Ability and Knowledge

Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, English, marketing, or similar profession; certifications desired.
Successful content development, storytelling, or strategy in EdTech or technology.
Strong writing and editing skills, able to simplify complicated topics.
Excellent storytelling and audience connection.
Expertise in CMS, SEO, and analytics.
Mindset for innovative content creation.
Understanding EdTech principles and trends.
Excellent organisation and detail.
Ability to operate independently and collaboratively in a chaotic startup.

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