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Corrosion Support Engineer – Level 3 Services

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Corrosion Support Engineer – Level 3 Services

Description of Job

A consultant in material selection and corrosion engineering maintenance management will advise Assets and Project Teams on cost-effective material selection and corrosion mitigation strategies to ensure the technical integrity of materials used in subsurface and surface hydrocarbon production, processing, and transportation systems throughout their life cycle.
Support cost-effective material selection for COMPANY engineering projects during design.
Integrity inspect pipes, piping, boats, etc. and rectify anomalies if identified.
Start MoC for non-Like-for-Like modifications and manage them via Shell change management. Ensure P&ID updates
M&C discipline support in Select and Define phases of modification and project delivery. Key deliverables form the design and project specification foundation.
Help deliver modifications and projects during the Identify & Assess phase. This will mostly include M&C discipline input into scoping and business case creation. This demands good communication with Engineering’s Appraisal team.
Ensure oil and gas facility material selection and corrosion management procedures guarantee technical integrity during the estimated life cycle.
HSE should be considered in material selection and corrosion mitigation.
Select materials that meet COMPANY/Shell/International requirements.
Support new technology evaluation and application to maximise future cost and operability. When possible, use contemporary materials to reduce costs and failure.
Make sure other disciplines understand and accept the material selection and corrosion management techniques’ background and document it for future reference.
Develop, review, and revise standards and specifications as needed.
Verify contractor materials selection reports.
Support and audit manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and materials testing labs.
Actively train and develop younger engineers

Materials/Metallurgic degree or higher in applicable Engineering area.
Minimum 10 years of oil and gas experience, preferably in project execution, upstream/downstream.
Professional experience in Metallurgy/Materials.
The M&C Engineer should be well-versed in engineering, process technology, metallurgy, equipment design, and corrosion degradation pathways.
Good understanding of Shell and worldwide engineering standards, best practises, and systems
Deep knowledge of material selection (metallic and non-metallic), corrosion principles, metallurgy, welding, corrosion protection, corrosion management, pipeline inspection and maintenance, static equipment integrity, cathodic protection, and coating systems.
Working on part or all of the Project life cycle (from conceptual design to final commissioning and handover) or in front-line oil and gas production is ideal. Broad EP business multi-project experience.
Contributed to unique material solutions for sour service, EOR, steam, and other recovery methods.
Field experience from several areas.
Ability to swiftly build relationships with practitioners to ensure that engineering processes and standards are adhered.
Knows high-pressure and high-H2S facilities and has supervised workers in a comparable high-risk setting.
Engineers with welding experience are prefered.
Important soft talents include Strong written and verbal communication abilities, listening skills, organisational skills, self-motivated to learn, teamwork experience, comfort with change, and quick response.
Results-driven. Customer-focused.
A HSSE-focused attitude.

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