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About the Job

The Enterprise Architect will guide and optimise an organization’s operations, improve IT infrastructure, and create its strategy.
The Enterprise Architect integrates the company’s strategy and programmes with technology.
Responsibilities: Strategy and Planning

Assessing internal activities, company development initiatives, and IT processes for improvements.
Developing and implementing business visions and architecture models to represent the organization’s strategies.
IT and business leadership cost-cutting ideas.
Guidance on business architecture and systems processing.
Maintaining the organization’s aims’ efficiency, security, and support.
Developing compliance architectural methods such data storage, metadata management, and change control.
Develop and implement build versus purchase strategies, mentor staff, and business strategy views.
Encourages all architectural disciplines and projects.
Reviews business processes, sets benchmarks to enhance them, and supports all architectural disciplines under their leadership.
Develops complex projects that demand expertise in numerous architecture fields.
Fits architecture strategy to business goals.
Explains and promotes technology strategy.
Communicates architectural policies, standards, principles, and procedures.
Develops short- and long-term strategic plans to guarantee Interswitch’s infrastructure capacity fulfils employee usage and application hosting needs.
Operations Management:

Ensures technical solution conceptual completeness.
Lead technology planning teams.
Strategic advice to business and IT leaders.
Lead enterprise architecture framework adoption.
Understand business requirements and how technological compromises affect strategy with business leaders.
Consults with project teams to align initiatives to enterprise architecture and identify when to change it.
Create an enterprise architecture communication plan.
Research and evaluate new technologies, industry, and market trends.
Ensures business relevance, timing, and deployment of suggestions.
Approves enterprise tools and components.
Work with project management and IT leaders to align architecture with project goals and requirements.
Incident management allows you to propose architectural changes and work with teams to deploy them.
Lead the change manager team to continuous process improvement and business-aligned change deployment.
Align standards and frameworks with business.

Computer science or ‘STEM’ major or associated degree.

Minimum 8 years of IT and business/industry expertise in architecture design, deployment, systems lifecycle management, and infrastructure planning and operations.
Working with various, cross-functional teams or projects and influencing top management and important stakeholders
Needs exposure to various technology and processing settings
Proficient in corporate architecture, business re-engineering, financial models, and budgeting, as well as cloud and container technology.

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