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Gabsdan Ventures is Hiring(3 Positions)

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1.)?Inventory Officer

Location: Delta

Salary: N50,000? – N60,000 Monthly.

Gabsdan Ventures is Hiring


  • Ensure all invoices received from procurement department are posted same day, posted invoices must be kept safe and transferred to the Accounts department as soon as possible.
  • Ensure all invoices from suppliers are duly received and signed by the Receiver and staff in charge of procurement and before they are posted.
  • All invoices from open market must be checked to ensure quantity supplied and quantity received are the same and report variations to the Accountant to take note during payment and also inform the Purchaser to reconcile variations with the Vendor
  • Review all posted invoices to ensure there are no errors/omissions, before forwarding it to the Accounts department for Processing and Payment.
  • All invoices must be stamped, dated and signed before sending to Accounts department.
  • Duly complete the Inventory price control sheet after posting invoices.
  • Printing bar code and price tag for all products on shelve to be tagged/coded. This must be done within 24hours.
  • Observe changes in procurement price and report increase or decrease of prices for an upward or downward price review.
  • Discount products instructed by HOD.


  • Educational Qualification (HND / B.Sc / M.Sc)
  • 1+ years relevant work experience.
  • Must have completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program or possess exemption letter.
  • Should be between the ages of 22 to 35years at the time of engagement.
  • Should be a computer literate.

N50,000? – N60,000 Monthly.

2.)?Floor Manager

Location: Delta

Salary: N80,000? – N100,000 Monthly.


  • Liaise with Branch Manager to develop business strategies that will attract new customers, expand store traffic, and enhance profitability.
  • Respond to customer complaints and resolve customers concerns in a professional manner.
  • Ensure store compliance with health and safety regulations and liaise with government agencies in the absence of the Branch Manager.
  • Liaise with Branch Manager to develop and arrange promotional material i.e. In-store displays that will promote sales.
  • Monitor sales trend of different products and motivate the sales team to drive sales to meet sales objectives by training and mentoring staff.
  • Monitor inventory levels and ensure that items ordered are supplied on time to avoid stock-out on the shop floor.
  • Communicate any new policies and relevant information to Shop Floor Attendants giving correction and advice, and also receiving feedbacks and questions concerning their challenges as it relates to their job and any other relevant issues. Relate the outcome of such meetings to the Branch Manager including suggestion/recommendation.
  • Stocking shelves with merchandise in accordance with the arrangement/ display plan, to enforce the company?s policy on First-In, First-Out (FIFO) sales method.
  • Ensure a routine check is carried out to identify and report soon to expire products and follow up with Branch Manager to drive sales.
  • Liaise with the HOD Store to ensure timely supply of the sales representative?s request for products needed on the Shelve.
  • Liaise with the HOD Inventory unit to rectify price disparities, ensure timely and proper tagging of new products, products that their prices changed and products on discount
  • Control losses that arise from damaged products, product stock out and expired products.
  • Receive customers feedback from Shop Floor Attendants
  • Prepare detailed reports on buying trends and customer requirements and forward to management for consideration.


  • Educational Qualification (HND / B.Sc / M.Sc)
  • 2 – 5 years relevant work experience.
  • Must have completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program or possess exemption letter.
  • Customer service-oriented with in-depth knowledge of business management processes.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be computer literate and able to work using Microsoft packages.
  • Should not be less than 28years of age as at the time of engagement.
  • Should possess excellent leadership skills and be able to lead a functional and productive team.

N80,000? – N100,000 Monthly.

3.)?Cashier Supervisor (Female)

Location: Delta

Position Objectives

  • The position objective of a Cashier Supervisor is to ensure that all cashiers are functioning efficiently and effectively, ensure that Cashiers properly cost items selected by customers are monetarily valued and payments are received.
  • The job requires a high level of customer interaction and people management abilities hence, Cashiers Supervisors should have impeccable customer service, leadership and communication skills.

Job Description

  • Have a good working knowledge of Cashiers’ operations.
  • Training and evaluating of newly employed Cashiers.
  • Structuring duty roster for all Cashiers in line with the requirements of operations.
  • Reiterating Cashiers’ operational guidelines to all Cashiers and ensure strict compliance.
  • Assist Cashiers in the reprinting of receipts either from the POS terminals or directly from the system when printing errors occur.
  • Ensure all cash points are kept tidy and organized before, during and after shifts.
  • Ensure that Cashiers are properly dressed depicting morals and the organizational standard.
  • Assist Floor Managers in product swap and refund process.
  • Maintain all POS machines and report POS machine errors to the Branch Manager. Also liaise with bank agents to supply POS papers to avoid stock-out.
  • Take stock of carrier bags, to ensure it is replenished as at when due and avoid stock out.
  • Review all Cashiers? applications for leave /shift swap to ensure it does not disrupt operations.
  • Registration of customers under the loyalty scheme and assist customers in redeeming loyalty points
  • Assist customers in making payments for items purchased using company?s vouchers.
  • Respond to Cashiers? request for price checks and rectify price disparities with the inventory unit.
  • Assist Cashiers in removing used shopping baskets and carts from the cash point and rearranging it.
  • Assist Cashiers to delete items from the system before they sell out to customers when as operation demands.
  • Consider peak business times and manage crowd to ensure no Cashier at the cashpoint is free while others are crowded with customers.
  • Other duties as may be assigned to you by Management.


  • Candidates should possess an HND / B.Sc / M.Sc Degree with relevant work experience.

N70,000? – N80,000 Monthly.

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