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Intern Pharmacist

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Intern Pharmacist

Worker Description

This position provides professional client and patient care in accordance with SOPs.
Summary of Responsibility

Drug dispensing
Inform other hospital staff about drugs.
Provide expert medicine information, counselling, and guidance to patients.
Manage Stock.
Report medicine side effects and dispensing problems.
Accurate prescription processing for billing and medicine distribution to varied patient groups.
Pharmacy cleanliness and safety are essential.
Follow quality standards and SOPs.
Each prescription or order is reviewed to verify it meets the patient’s clinical needs.
Performance Goals/Key Results

Dispensing errors and hazardous medication responses must be reported immediately.
A good professional recordkeeping
Confidentiality and prompt patient service
Quality and SOPS compliance.
Career Skills

Pharmacy Bachelor
Provisional Pharmacists Council of Nigeria registration certificate
1- 2 years of pharmacy experience
Key Skills:

Organisational abilities
Truthfulness and dependability
Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
Details matter.
Closing date for application is unknown.

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