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Physiotherapist and Masseuse (Female)

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Physiotherapist and Masseuse (Female)

Brief Description

Physiotherapists and masseuses evaluate patients’ physical conditions. After diagnosing, you’ll construct and review treatment programmes employing manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and electrotherapy.
Patients will receive treatment, health promotion, and assistance on preventing injury and self-management of long-term diseases.
Children, elderly, stroke patients, and sports injury sufferers are patients.

Patients after surgery should receive lymphatic drainage massage from a physiotherapist and masseuse.
Every stomach tuck patient must have a physiotherapist check and perform breathing treatment before surgery.
Physiotherapists/masseurs must alternate hospital and outpatient massages.
The physiotherapist/massage practitioner must only deliver massages for the amount of sessions paid for by the patient.
Their physical condition is diagnosed, assessed, and treated by physiotherapists.
Physiotherapists teach patients and caretakers how to prevent and improve ailments.
Therapists must stay current on patient treatment methods and technologies.
Physiotherapists/masseuses treat neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and pulmonary patients for weeks.
A monthly report including the total number of massages, patients for routine post-surgery massage, physiotherapy clients, sessions, and island and mainland massages.

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