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Vice President, Finance

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Vice President, Finance

Reports to: CFO at VP level.
30% travel needed

About the Role

GiveDirectly’s Finance Planning and Analysis, Treasury and Payments, and Accounting teams, systems, and processes will be managed by the VP, Finance to efficiently and swiftly increase funding for severe poverty.
The Finance VP will translate strategic vision into operational reality daily as the Finance team’s main interaction with the executive and operating committee.
A dynamic leader who can switch between long-term strategic vision and penny-level execution is needed for this post.
The Executive committee will seat the VP of Finance, who will provide strategic support and thought leadership and be the CFO’s successor.
This remote role requires Eastern Africa time zone compliance.
Develop a top-performing financial planning and analysis function:

Develop team:
Develop a top financial planning and analysis team to ensure all levels of the organisation share a single source of truth and a common destiny. Manager a Director and 6-10 Finance Business Partners to assist the Director level.
Set up systems:
Maintain timely, accurate, and meaningful financial reporting for all organisation stakeholders.
Optimise or replace Limelight financial planning system.
Plan and execute annual budgeting and monthly re-forecasting.
Develop methods:
Clear roles and duties and Finance Business partners’ responsiveness and follow-through ensure stakeholder satisfaction.
Set FP&A and accounting SLAs to ensure a tight reporting cycle and close adherence.
Clean the books.
Manage global and local audits:
To maintain audits clean and financial statements helpful for external stakeholders, ensure that all systems and processes efficiently and transparently account for our actions.
Increase Accounting staff:

Oversee our Director of Accounting and her 6 direct reports to ensure accounting capacity and capabilities expand with us.
Maintain cash flow. Increase payments and treasury.

Coordinate with our Director of Treasury and Payments and her 7 direct reports to ensure smooth payments and treasury for 14 countries, 12 currencies, 1,000 employees, and hundreds of thousands of recipient payments per year.
Manage treasury investment and risk.
Excellence in executive leadership and management:

Leadership of GiveDirectly:
Head executive team financial support
Build trust, model, feedback, and responsibility to foster a GiveDirectly-aligned organisational culture.
Exceptional people leader with varied, multinational team, continuously inclusive manager with strong emotional intelligence who develops others’ abilities by modelling, thinking partnership, and active coaching.
Work allocation, systems training, performance reviews, and finance team building:

Provide leadership during change by building strong team communication channels, making judgements based on good and rigorously examined logic, communicating decisions clearly and effectively, and following through on promises and establishing accountability structures.
Establish a strong long-term financial leadership talent bench. pillar
As a development and aid thought leader, contribute to external GD material and represent the organisation in events and speaking engagements.
What to bring

Ten+ years of successful professional experience in financial roles of increasing responsibility with well-respected global firms or organisations, including many years in senior leadership and 5+ years in the non-profit sector.
Preference for institutional donor experience.
5+ years leading 5+ employees in FP&A, budgeting, business intelligence, or accounting.
Handled budgets of ~$50M+ in 4+ countries.
MBA/CPA (or similar) required
Your track record shows that you can make solid decisions and solve complex challenges using logic and judgement.
Your finance management has helped your company/organization meet stretch goals and recover from crises.
Leading finance in a fast-growing worldwide company You are authentic, passionate about people and community, have great communication skills, and can quickly develop trust and an inclusive atmosphere.
Excellent communication skills – You can easily explain complex financial facts to the organisation and external stakeholders.

Strong strategy and execution You can smoothly transition between big-picture strategy and operational decisions and handle ambiguity.
Required Language: English
Swahili, French, Portuguese, Arabic.
GiveDirectly alignment Values:
First, recipients. We prioritise recipients over donors and ourselves.
Next team. We prioritise organisation over individual success.
Transparency is proactive. We speak our mind and share information honestly.
Inspire positivity Our goal is to energise our coworkers.
Think hard, act fast. Intellectually rigors, we prefer action over argument.
Be realistic. Provide answers. We ignore issues. We actively solve problems.
Strive for success. We risk industry-changing success, not incremental improvement.
Be aware and grow. We accept and grow from our flaws.
GiveDirectly Core Competencies Demo:

Emotional intelligence: The ability to recognise, manage, and express emotions to deal with relationships wisely and empathetically.
Analytical thinking or critical thinking Assessing a problem objectively to make a decision
Follow-through: Accepting responsibility and having the fortitude to fulfil promises
Inclusivity promotion: To create a sense of community and value others’ opinions and contributions
Candidates with personal or professional expertise in our low-income and/or historically marginalised communities are encouraged to apply.

GiveDirectly pays employees generously and fairly. We employ an accredited third-party salary aggregator to ensure that staff’s base income and bonus fall within the 75th percentile of similar roles at similar organisations. A no-negotiation policy ensures personnel are paid equally across roles.

This role’s base compensation is $150,000?$175,000 USD (location-dependent).
This position is remote, thus we will provide a pay estimate for your nation during the hiring process.
Closing date for application is unknown.

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