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Video Editor / Graphics Intern

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Video Editor / Graphics Intern

Work Description

We need a motivated and skilled Video Editor and Graphic Intern with endless curiosity to develop engaging and on-brand visuals for various media and tell a gripping story through sight and sound.
You’ll produce innovative technology with an agile product and marketing team.
This is a great chance to enhance your talents and impact our company’s future.

Helps define needs and develop images including illustrations, logos, layouts, and pictures to form websites, mobile apps, and other innovative company products.
Keep numerous projects on track while meeting deadlines
Maintain and educate yourself on post-production trends, techniques, and technologies.
Working with green screen, live-action, multicam
Explain design concepts vocally and graphically.
Coordinate brand value communication with marketing.
Report to and work with our product manager.
Attend company-wide check-ins and stand-up as needed.

Bachelor’s, HND, Master’s, or OND degrees are required.
Have 1-2 years of creative problem-solving experience with films, visuals, and illustrations.
Experienced graphics designer and video editor with a strong portfolio. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut, and Adobe Illustrator.
Ability to operate, configure, set up, and fix video, audio, lighting, and other production equipment from production through post-production without support.
Maintain timely delivery of video material and project demands in a fast-paced workplace. Possess strong teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities.
Experience in animation and high-end graphic design is a plus.
Compensation and Benefits

Training and development resources
Encouraged Workplace Work-Life Balance HMO.

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